Alpha-Z. The breathtakingly beautiful speedboat.

As the light began to fade, the fuel pump whirring but still nothing in the line, the starter motor was half heartedly churning and the 9 litre V8 was unsurprisingly refusing to fire up. The sun was beginning to set; I had been in the Chantier, Cap d'Ail since 0800hrs trying to get this thing running. Now thoroughly cold and fed up I shut my eyes and make a silent prayer to the god's of the V8 every time I thumbed the starter button; they were clearly not listening. Mechanics and electricians had come and gone all day but soon after the arrival of our hero Leon, it was suddenly clear that this monstrous engine was coming to life.
WHAM! The quadruple exhaust pipes emitted a thunder clap that echoed around the harbour. Smiles all round. On the next try WHAM wham WHAAAM! As the engine started to catch then finally erupted and settled into an earsplittling idle. The noise was apocalyptic, it sounds similar to the top fuel drag racers I watched thumping down the quarter mile in the US a few years ago. The 825 hp GM big block was probably disturbing our neighbours across the water in Africa, yet my comrades and I in Cap d'Ail are all smiles and there was lots of manly back slapping.

May I introduce the breathtakingly beautiful Alpha Z. A ten metre mahogany runabout desgined and built for a wealthy entrepreuner in the US by Van Dam boats in 1998. The attention to detail is quite incredible and without sounding obsessive compulsive I have spent literally hours absorbing all the facets of her beauty. I've been lucky enough to have seen a lot of beautiful material objects in my life but she rises above the rest, for sheer drop-dead gorgeous good looks. You'll struggle to find anything the world over that will compare. The proportion so perfect, onlookers look for flaws, a design error, a mistake, anything to make her look mortal but they leave frustrated.

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